(1915-20) Experimental stitching

Pre labels and buttons and made during their experimental period, these bears would have been produced between 1915 and 1923. Although similar to the Chad Valley bear designs of the 1920s the features on these bears are unusual enough to give some doubt as to the maker. There was a postcard of a smiling little girl, a smiling doll and a smiling Chad bear like this one. These bears were then known as Smiles bears. Other bears in the Chad Valley Section with this unusual stitching, Timi, Tori, Smiles, Scott, Flaherty, Maeve and Miss Maggie.


Date 1915-23
Make Chad Valley
Button Before buttons
Label Before Labels
Fabric Mohair 
Size Various
Eyes Glass with painted backs
Features Triangular nose with reverse stitch
Jointed Longer Arms
Pads Teardrop pointed pads
Stuffing  Hard Filled

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