(1915-20) Cork Filled Sold £60

Pre labels and buttons and made during their experimental period, Cork filled bears would have been produced between 1915 and 1920. Although similar to the Chad Valley bear designs of the 1920s cork filled bears have some wonderful early features. Longer tapering arms, more pronounced muzzle, slimmer ankles and rounder feet with the absence of card inserts. The unusual filling gives bears the most wonderful feel to the touch. See Ruby, Edgar and Ermintrude in Chad Valley Section


Date 1915+
Make Chad Valley
Button Before buttons
Label Before Labels
Fabric Mohair 
Size Various
Eyes Glass. clear with painted backs. fastened off at back with knot
Features Pronounced muzzles. Large triangular nose
Jointed Longer curved arms
Pads Felt carded or brushed cotton
Stuffing Cork Filled
Growl None
Number 54

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