(1920) Early button. BRITISH CHAD VALLEY MADE

One of the earliest buttons. BRITISH CHAD VALLEY MADE.

Typically with button in the bear's right ear, occasionally on torso. Steiff patented "button in ear" at this time which may account for the change in position. These bears have flat triangular heads, large triangular shaved noses and smiling inverted Y shaped mouths. Their ears are sewn over the facial seams. They have clear glass eyes with brown painted backs and black pupils. The eyes are sewn into the head and tied off at the back with a knot. Their arms are quite long and curved. Pads were usually carded and pads and paws made of brushed cotton. 4 bears shown with this button in different sizes. Shaftesbury, Colonel Chadwick, Violet, Tinker


Date 1920
Make Chad Valley
Button Normally right ear
Fabric Mohair 
Size Various
Eyes Glass with painted backs
Features Ears sewn over facial seams
Jointed Longer Arms
Pads Brushed cotton, carded
Stuffing Woodwool

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