(1938-52) Royal Warrant Queen Label

The Chad Valley Co Ltd. By appointment. Toy Makers to HM The Queen

In 1938 Chad Valley, by this time a large and well established company, became toy makers to the Queen. The square or rectangular labels were usually found under the foot, white with blue printing with the Royal Coat of Arms on it. They were usually attached with machine sewn stitches. There was quite often a second rectangular label attached with the short end sewn into the bear's chest seam or in the side seam under the arm. The bears were varied in size, quality and price to suit the whole buying market. Noses became larger "coal" like, rectangular instead of triangular, vertical stitching with final horizontal finishing stitches. Limbs were chubby. Brushed cotton and velveteen pads and paws were replaced by rexine which had a leather look. Pads and  paws had the 4 on paw 5 on pad stitching and sometimes no stitching at all.


Date 1938-1952
Make Chad Valley
Label White with blue print
Fabric various
Size 14 sizes
Eyes Glass
Features Wider coal type noses
Jointed Fully
Pads Rexine
Stuffing Woodwool/Kapok
Growl Usually

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