z The Kissable Muzzle Bears. Karen Fernandes



We buy, sell and trade antique, vintage, collectible and artist made Teddy Bears and soft stuffed toys. Our inventory is typically comprised of rare American and European brands including Ideal, Knickerbocker, Chiltern, Farnell, Hermann, Steiff and very special Bears from artists and manufacturers unknown. 

Many of our teddies are available for purchase here at Grandmas Teddies Teddy Bear Museum. Current items for sale are indicated. We favour adoptions made here at the museum, so please contact Hilary Pauley, with any questions or requests. You are welcome to contact us directly at muzzlekiss@gmail.com as well.


Thank you for viewing our Collection!

note: At the end of 2013 we changed our eBay store name from The Bear Necessities Boutique to the more warm and snuggly (The) Kissable Muzzl