z Josie Rockett Bears

I live in Rye with my husband Tommy, our three wonderful children and our two lovely doggies. I have always loved soft toys and teddy bears. When I was around 10 years old I went to an antique fair with my Mum and Dad and spotted a worn little teddy in a shoe box. It was love at first sight. I pleaded and begged to have the bear but both of my parents said that I couldn't have him, he was quite expensive and not in the best condition. We continued to walk around the fair but I remained adamant that I wanted him, thankfully they changed their minds and in the end, he came home with us! There was something very special about the little teddy, I treasured him (and still do!).

It wasn't until years later, around the time I had my own children that I started seriously collecting antique bears. My Father bought me a book which then sent me on a journey of looking for bears. The more the collection grew the more interested I got, the more books I got, the more bears came to live with us. It wasn't long before we were surrounded by furry faces, thankfully my family has grown to love them too, teddy bears are now a big part of our lives. I particularly like Dean's bears and toys but I truly love all antique bears.They give me so much joy, the history is just amazing. There is something truly magical about them. (I have attached a photo of teddy who my parents bought for me at the antique fair, the one that started it all! He is a little 1960s bear, unjointed, plastic safety eyes, kapok filling spilling out of his feet, a little grubby and just adorable!)